The Sol Semilla selection honors the botanical heritage of the Amazon, on the Brazilian side with Acerola and Acai and the Peruvian one with Aguaymanto and Lucuma. Fruit packed with nutrients, like the all-natural vitamin C in Acerola, and delicious on the palate. Apart from Aguaymanto, the fruit of which is sun-dried at low temperature, the other superfruits are reduced to powder. Our pure powders are obtained by freeze-drying, a more expensive technique but much more respectful of the nutrients of the fruit than the usual dehydration used by most manufacturers. Freeze-drying results in high-quality end products as well as a much higher aromatic quality than dried products. In addition, the absence of liquid water in the product considerably reduces the development of weathering reactions and allows the preservation of the active ingredients in the product, which can then be stored at a temperature close to ambient for up to two years. in your pantry.
Another major technological advantage of freeze-drying is the ability of the freeze-dried product to rehydrate instantly.
This technique also allows us, by weight reduction, slow transport, by boat, with a relatively low ecological impact and very little loss.
Finally... a few grams of our superfruits will therefore suffice to provide the nutritional benefits necessary for the body and for pleasure. To sprinkle on breakfasts, to mix with fresh seasonal fruits (acai bowl), in dressings, salads, drinks or lattes ... sharpen your inventiveness in the kitchen with Sol Semilla superfruits. Treat yourself!

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