Several billion years ago, thanks to a succession of geological upheavals, cyanobacteria, also called « blue micro-algae » began to take advantage of solar energy to synthesize organic molecules and produce oxygen. They thus allowed the conditions for the development of plant and animal life.
Today micro-algae continue their revolution especially in the food and nutritional fields but also in those of the environment and the production of energy.
Spirulina, ChlorellaKlamath three cousins ​​who came from time immemorial to enlighten our daily life. In addition to the attention we pay to the sourcing of our micro-algae, we ensure their quality and purity through regular analyzes. Raw, dried at low temperature, the three are sources of multiple nutrients and benefits, they constitute an extraordinary nutritional potential covering the needs of all (athletes, vegetarians, vegans). Find the spirit with the superalgae Sol Semilla and delight yourself with multiple sweet and savory recipes such as drinks with amazing colors, pestos, saladsgomasios etc...
Which will be the one that will best suit your organization? Which of the three will you be most receptive to?
For us they are simply complementary.

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