Raw cocoa

picto cacao

According to the Aztecs, Quetzalcóatl, God of vegetation and its renewal, taught men how to cultivate the cocoa tree.
Native to the Amazon, cocoa criollo, ecotype recognized for its taste, aromatic and nutritional qualities, today represents less than 1% of the world production. This scarcity is due to the fact that this original cocoa is less profitable than cocoas obtained by hybridization to supply the chocolate industry.
Our cocoa, made from original varieties, is raw. Inspired by ancestral techniques, our partners preserve all the nutrients of cocoa thanks to their drying processes below 45°C. The flavor, aroma and all the nutrients contained in this primitive raw cocoa make it an exciting exception much in demand by the most advanced chocolate craftsmen.
From the five variations of cocoa - beans, nuggets, paste, powder and butter - we invite our clients to travel and try their hand at sumptuous chocolates made from raw cocoa but also multiple culinary preparations, sweet or salty including cocoa is the protagonist

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