Short BBD

I'm still good but I'm expiring soon!
It's the opportunity to discover some superfoods. :)

These products are on promotion because their BBD (Best Before Date) is approaching a few days or months.
These products are dehydrated, their benefits and flavors are preserved if the storage conditions are respected according to the indications of Sol Semilla.

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Limited time offer
€34.64 €40.76
Our lucuma stands out from other varieties by the finesse and softness of its dense flesh. This Andean fruit is present in the legends and on the ceramics left as a heritage by the pre-Columbian peoples. Simply mixed...
€40.69 €45.21
Spirulina is a blue microalgae, a source of protein and fiber. Antioxidant, our spirulina is also rich in iron, Vit. A, K and B12. Recommended for all ages, this superfood is an essential asset in your daily life....
€8.29 €11.85
This superfood is a powder obtained from yacon root, also known as “yacon honey”. It will sweeten all your drinks, vegan desserts and pancakes! It contains fructo-oligosaccharides, a form of prebiotic sugar with a...