Now available in most specialised organic shops, bulk is becoming more common for dry products. This is an evolution that we congratulate and support!

We have decided to organise the production of our laboratory in such a way as to be able to meet this growing demand for less waste.

We are pleased to be able to offer some superfoods for sale by the kilo, but only on a specific selection. We'll tell you why!

By offering products that are as raw as possible and as close to their original taste as possible, we use little or no preservatives and use gentle drying methods.

As a result, some superfoods are difficult to offer in bulk for optimal preservation. Sensitivity and volatility are also obstacles to bulk sales, especially on the shelves!

Microalgae, for example, would lose their chlorophyll (the green becomes tasteless) and therefore their virtues if they were not protected from light and humidity.

Similarly, products containing a significant amount of omega, which are very sensitive, could oxidise very quickly when they are 100% natural.

We strongly recommend, even for the most robust superfoods (cocoa beans, aguaymanto berries...) to transfer them to your jars and place them in a cupboard away from air and light.*

  • The advantages of our bulk:
  • - you will continue to have all the nutritional data, advice for use and optimal consumption dates that are sometimes missing in the supermarket shelves.
  • - as our bulk products arrive directly to you, without any intermediate handling or passage, in accordance with the strict hygiene rules that we apply to all our products in our laboratory in Charente.
  • - And above all, what is good for the planet is also good for your wallet because our bulk products are proportionally cheaper per kg.

*For the acai: once the bulk bag is opened, remember to place it in the fridge or in a cool place where there is no risk of temperature variations.

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