Crème au chocolat & supertopping "Exotique"

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Chocolate cream & supertopping

Recipe by Morgane, La tambouille d'Amour, Vegan Cheffe.

Preparation : 10 min.

Fridge time : 1h

For 6 serves


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  • 1 bloc of silk tofu
  • 100g of organic & fair trade chocolate
  • 1 tbp of orangeraw cocoa powder
  • 1 pinch of Tonka beans or vanilla
  • Plant-based vinalla yogurt
  • Super topping « Exotic »Sol Semilla (aguaymanto, raw cocoa nibs, sprouted sunflower seeds, chia seeds)


    • Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie with tonka beans.fondre le chocolat au bain marie avec la fève tonka.
    • Put silk tofu in a blender with raw cocoa powder and melted chocolate and mix.
    • Adjust ratio cocoa/sweetener of your choice (with coconut or yacon syrup with a low glycemic index
    • Pour the cream in nice verrines, glass jars...
    • On top of the cream, put some plant-based yogurt (mixed with lucuma, it is even better) and and sprinkle some Super topping « Exotic » made of raw cocoa nibs with brings instensity, chia seeds which contains lots of Omega 3 & inka berries which sweet & sour taste goes well with cocoa flavor
    • Let it in the fridge at least one hour before serving..

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