Raw spirulina chocolate

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Raw spirulina chocolate

Recipe by Marie France Farré, Naturopath.

Resting time : 2 heures

For 2 bars of 80g.


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  • 160 g of raw cocoa paste 100%
  • 1 tbsp of spirulina powder or sticks & 1 tsp for topping


Follow the instructions of the temperage step p48 of: Marie France Farré's book.

When cocoa paste has reached the ideal temperature add spirulina and stir slowly with a spatula (heat off).

Fill the vos molds (cleaned with organic coton tissue).

Go get the advices of pages 36 & 37.

Add 1 tsp of raw spirulina on top"

Let aside and let it cool at room temperature during 2 hours before eatjng it.

Zero waste tips : if you have some spirulina left, sprinkle it over salad, raw vegetables, olive oil, on top of soups, smoothie, veggie woks, pasta, rices... it will help your immune system !

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