PLANT BASED FOOD, Sol Semilla as trend-setter in France

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PLANT BASED FOOD, Sol Semilla as trend-setter in France

Article par Andréa Marcelli, Sol Semilla CEO.

Sol Semilla's mission

Since its birth, Sol Semilla has decided to combine superfoods with plant-based and organic cuisine, heralding a conscious dietetics that is in vogue today and that aims for a systemic ethic.

Plant-based, what does it mean?

Plant based is a term that represents more than others today the desire for green, sustainability, respect for the rhythms of nature, food that respects animals, and which perhaps inspires less fear than the word vegan. It is a less frontal term that was born in response to the awareness of the environmental crisis.

Towards Consciousness awakening

In the Sol Semilla restaurant, over the years, we have seen our clientele evolve. At first the majority were strictly vegan, but today they include all those who have begun to orient their eating habits towards the green, managing to limit meat, perhaps once a week as opposed to several times a week before, and to pay more attention to the traceability of distribution channels.

The term 'plant-based', as we understand it today, is a less radical term, without ideological connotations, and perhaps that is why it is becoming more and more popular. The plant-based diet is made up of less refined foods, as natural as possible, with fewer processed products. It favours whole grains, organic or locally grown vegetables. It is a diet that is generally aimed at the mindful and conscious consumer.

Our committments

At Sol Semilla we have always tried to build bridges between countries by constructing a food philosophy based on the protection of biodiversity and the enhancement of local cultures and traditions. It is an orientation that favours small-scale and family food production, without industrial steps, in order to preserve the integrity of ecosystems. All our superfoods respect this philosophy. We integrate them into a local, organic, seasonal cuisine.

Plant-based = delicious & generous

But if Sol Semilla has existed for more than ten years, it is also and above all because it has managed to reconcile eco-responsibility with pleasure. Of all the challenges we have had to face, the most ambitious has always been that of showing that a plant-based cuisine can be a gourmet, epicurean, friendly cuisine.
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