Towards more bulk !

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Toward more bulk !

Article par Marie Rousset, community manager at Sol Semilla.

An offer more present nowadays

It is now more common in our organic grocery stores to find dry ingredients in bulk. We salute and value this evolution and want to be part of it !

Our choices

We have decided to plan our laboratory production so that we can meet the increasing demand to buy in bulk rather than small packages.

We are glad to offer some of our superfoods in bulk but we are facing some limits regarding some products, we explain why. We want to offer the products raw, close to their original taste, we don't use preservatives and use low temperature drying methods.

Our process makes it very difficut to offer all our product in bulk as we want to prodive the best quality. Sensitiveness and volatility of some products don't allow ys to sell them in bulk (it is even more true in stores).

We focus on perservation & quality

Our goal is to ensure a optimum quality, but that 's not easy in grocery stores bulk shelves, imagine all floors covered in spirulina powder!

Micro-algae for instance would loose their chlorophyll (green fades) and some benefits would be lower if it is not well sotred, that is away from the light and humidity. Futhermore, products containing lots of omegas might oxidize quicker because they are 100% chemical-free.

Our recommendations

We adive you even for less senstive products such as raw cocoa beans or inka berries (aguyamanto) to place them in a glass jar in a cupboard away from light.*

The benefits of buying in bulk:

  • You will keep getting all the nutritionnal data, use information and the recommended use-by date which are sometimes lacking in grocery stores.

  • Bulk will be directly shippied to you respecting strict sanitary rules that we apply in our lab and most of all, we reduce the number of intermediaries, which guarantees the quality and reduce the carbon footprint.

  • And what's benefits the planet is also economically interesting for your budget as our bulk is proportionally cheaper.

*Regarding our açaï powder and raw cocoa butter: once you oponed the bag, please place it into the fridge or a cold and dry storage which doesn't suffer temperature variations.

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