Crème dessert végétales chanvre & chocolat

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Our hemp seeds are grown in France, shelled and packed in the South West. It is a real superfood from our regions which is full of benefits for our health (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, omega...).           Part...
VITALITY OF THE ANDES (Re)Discover all the flavors of Peru, from the Amazon to the Andes, in this innovative and creamy version of hot chocolate made with 4 superfoods highlighting raw Criollo cocoa. Source of...
Organic Raw Criollo Cocoa - Chips - 250g Organic Raw Criollo Cocoa - Chips - 250g
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Native to the Amazon, Criollo cocoa is a rare cocoa (1% of world production) recognized for its taste, nutritional and aromatic qualities. These beans, from this original variety, are processed at minus 45°C, thus...
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