From the meeting between personalities as different as complementary, emerged a very singular commercial activity.

The first challenge has been to create a virtuous food business for man and his environment in a viable economic venture.

From the beginning, we understood the importance of mastering the sector as a whole: sourcing, importing, storage and packaging.

The dynamic is growing, we decided, in December 2007, to marry our superfoods to a seasonal vegetable cuisine, organic and gluten free. The restaurant shop of the rue des Vinaigriers in Paris was born. In a very short time, our restaurant has become the benchmark for vegetarian cuisine with superfoods.

The team has gradually grown and, through the meetings with the producers, we have been able to establish more our import channels and select the best products that are the particularity of our range.

In 2010, first in Montreuil and then in 2018, in Angoulême, we developed our own laBIOratory to improve the quality and control of our products. From supplies to imports, packaging and logistics everything is managed by us.

The identity of Sol Semilla has been sketched to become clearer and assertive. Today it is thanks to a solidarity team that our company can carry out all of its activities.

Among the key people in this great team are each of our clients, who by choosing our brand make Sol Semilla what it is.

We are animated by beautiful projects of development thought with our friend Charles Bradier whose light continues to accompany us!

Welcome to our house.

The Sol Semilla team