Book "Superfoods, Native American Treasures"

60 tasty vegan recipes, also gluten-free, created by renowned chef Joelma Leitaõ. It highlights an intuitive cuisine inspired by Amazonian plants.

Author: Joelma Leitaõ, Chef at Sol Semilla until 2017.

Edition: AKINOME

Language: French

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Discover the cuisine of Joelma Leitaõ in this new book Superfoods, Native American treasures on your plate from the collection Kitchen!

And you too can compose delicious mandala plates where the balance of food and superfoods reign supreme. Native American treasures for a vegan diet that keeps you healthy.

An Amazonian Indian, this chef based in France is inspired by her native land. After participating in the evolution of Sol Semilla, she finally released this book. In particular, she composes dishes as generous as they are colorful, high in flavor and with a strong energetic vibration.

Over 60 simple and intuitive recipes with tips and secrets. Joelma offers you a detailed description of superfoods with their benefits and uses. You will also find tips and tricks for cutting, storing and fermenting.

"Make your food your only medicine", said Hippocrates. It is quite simply the heritage of Joelma, that of a people living in harmony with the plant world, in the Amazon rainforest.

“My grandmother and my mother were women healers of the Huni Kuin people in the Brazilian Amazon. They were the guardians of ancestral knowledge and of the harmony between man and plant. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. As a child, I had the privilege of being invited to their side. I was fascinated by the stories of my grandmother and my mother who initiated me into the mysteries of this abundant nature. What was it that I loved spending those long hours with them listening to their teachings!"

"Superfoods, Native American treasures on your plate": a real medicine food.

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