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Organic Raw Spirulina - Tablets x100 - 50g - Short BDD

Spirulina is a blue micro algae whose protein content exceeds any other food. Recommended for all ages, this super food maintains energy and tone.

Part used: microalgae
Origin: Burkina Faso
Composition: 95% spirulina, 5% acacia gum

Product from organic farming.

Certified by ECOCERT FR-BIO-01 non EU agriculture.
Certified by The Vegan Society.
Controlled and packaged in France.

Sans GlutenRawFR-BIO-01Certifié Agriculture Biologique



Sol Semilla has selected this farm for the constant and optimal quality of its spirulina but also for its humanitarian commitment in the fight against malnutrition of the local population. This spirulina is a source of protein (about 60%), fiber and rich in iron*.

Its nutritional range covers the needs of all (athletes, vegetarians, vegans).

This spirulina is dried at low temperature (<42 °C), it keeps its raw quality.

*Iron helps reduce fatigue and normal immune system function.


Up to 6 tablets (2850mg of spirulina) per day according to individual needs, if possible distributed during the day or during meals.

Iron: Not recommended for people with illnesses that cause iron build-up.


Nutrient / RDI* for 6 tablets
Iron 5.13 mg / 36% (RDI)
Vit. A 665 μg / 83 %
Vit. K 63.84 μg / 85 %
Vit. B12 9.12 μg / 364 %

*RDI : Recommended Daily Intake Apport Quotidien de Référence for a typical adult


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