Anti-waste, Sol Semilla quality at reduced prices!

Sol Semilla offers you a selection of products at greatly reduced prices! These products that we have found and worked on with care are either very short BDD* (while the product is still perfectly consumable), or the packaging has been damaged. At Sol Semilla, our values encourage us to save these rare products by offering you the best prices.

(*) Best Before Date

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€40.69 €45.21
Spirulina is a blue microalgae, a source of protein and fiber. Antioxidant, our spirulina is also rich in iron, Vit. A, K and B12. Recommended for all ages, this superfood is an essential asset in your daily life....
€8.29 €11.85
This superfood is a powder obtained from yacon root, also known as “yacon honey”. It will sweeten all your drinks, vegan desserts and pancakes! It contains fructo-oligosaccharides, a form of prebiotic sugar with a...