Sol Semilla est une marque française de suddperaliments originels issus d’une éco-filière entièrement intégrée de la graine à l’assiette.

Nous recherchons une qualité optimale à travers le développement de nos liens avec les producteurs selon quatre critères :
Nutrition, Saveur, Ecologie et Commerce juste.

Nos superaliments sont donc des aliments de qualité, bienfaisants pour ceux qui les consomment et leur environnement.

À partir des matières premières que nous sélectionnons, nous élaborons des recettes que nous vous proposons pour partager notre gourmandise.

Concept and restaurant

Vegan and superfoods cuisine fully organic and homemade inspired by the raw materials we select and available for purchase in our restaurant every day.

Ecology & traceability

Our organic superfoods are shipped by sea freight and get through a strict quality check at destination before being directly packed in our French facilities.

Pioneers & consultant

With an experience of more than 10 years in this field, our activity have been developed by our superfoods experts.

A reliable customer service

Human scale company composed of a reactive team.

Sustainable partnerships

We establish close links with producers. We regularly visit their places of cultivation and manufacture to ensure the optimal quality of our products.

Quality & Flavour

We are continuously seeking the best superfoods to offer you unique and healthy products preserving you health as well as the environment.