Sol Semilla grows everyday thanks to superfoods experts. The way our products are cultivated, processed, imported and commercialized respects social, cultural and environmental criteria.

Tasty, eco-friendly, highly nutritious, raw materials we select come from organic farming. We draw longterm partnerships with local structures in the Andes, Amazonia or on the Pacific coast trying to preserve and highlight the plant heritage of these lushy ecosystems.

Quality serving ecology 

Contrary to usual food supplements, nutrients that content our superfoods are naturally part of the plant or fruit without any human manipulation (extract, concentration or other chimical food processing). This natural nutrient concentration is enhanced by a low temperature dehydration following methods – mostly ancestral – that preserve original product.

Without 85% of its water content, product’s weight gets way lighter and allows to reduce the impact of sea importation and a longer conservation.

From earth to table

A fully integrated supply chain to ensure a premium quality :

- sourcing dans les pays d’origine aux côtés de nos producteurs.

- Import operations handled by our own team.

- storage in our temperature and humidity controlled facilities in France

- Transformation and packing in our production lab by our specialists.

- expeditions by our own team to be able to make a last quality check.

- Cooking and advice to our customers in our restaurant/shop.

- Taste in a key ingredient to our brand and its restauran