Logog AB

This national logo is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry. It provides certification that at least 95% of the ingredients in the product are from organic farming.


Logo eurofeuille

Like the "AB" logo, this European logo, compulsory since 2010, helps identify products that comply with the organic farming regulations set up by the European Union.

It meets the same criteria as the AB logo, in particular that 95% of the ingredients in the product are from organic farming.

The legislation also requires that next to these logos be indicated whether the ingredients of the products concerned are of European origin or not ("EU or non-EU"), as well as the name or code of the organization certifier of the member country.

An audit takes place twice a year on our premises, the certifying body grants us the authorization to affix this logo only if it has been able to verify that we meet the established criteria. In particular, we must provide the organic certificate of all our suppliers and our invoices, as well as our origin and customs documents. During the audit, samples of our superfoods take place in order to check whether they are free from synthetic products (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) which are not of biological origin.


Logo main dans la main

We work directly with our producers and we go to the places of cultivation and processing to ensure the application of good social practices, pillars of a fair trade (women's work, respect for working conditions…. ). We undertake to pay a first part of our supplier invoices when ordering and then upon receipt.


Logo gluten free

Two regulations, one on consumer information practices, and the other defining gluten (a protein fraction of wheat, rye, barley, oats or their varieties crossed as well as derivatives of these cereals…”), force us to modify our policy of information with regard to you.

Although our superfoods are all naturally gluten-free, you will no longer find this mention on our packaging, with the exception of mueslis which contain oatmeal selected specifically for its gluten-free nature. An external laboratory performs an analysis with each arrival of oatmeal to ensure its "gluten-free" quality (< 20 mg / kg).

Indeed, the presence of the words "gluten-free" is only justified for products which differ from other similar products by this particular characteristic "to be gluten free". For example, our oatmeal is gluten-free unlike other oatmeal on the market. The regulations agree that a 100% pure product such as fruits, plants (such as our lucuma, our açai, our klamath or cocoa) powdered or not are by definition naturally gluten-free. Accordingly, no "gluten-free" labeling is permitted as it would serve to distinguish this product from other similar products sold by our competitors. However, no 100% pure fruit powder contains gluten.


Logo raw

This RAW logo indicates that the product, during its drying, transformation and / or manufacturing process, has at no time undergone a temperature exceeding 42°C.

This process, systematically applied by SOL SEMILLA and our producers for all the products to which it is technically possible to apply it, makes it possible to ensure that all the nutrients and the original flavors presented by the superfoods are preserved during their harvest. Indeed, above 42°C, most nutrients and particularly enzymes are deteriorated by heat.


Logo vegan

All our products are certified by the VEGAN SOCIETY. Created in 1944, this association defines the international criteria for obtaining Vegan certification.

This logo informs the consumer that all our superfood preparations and all our superfoods do not contain any animal product and that during their manufacture no animal or animal by-product has been used or tested.


Logo contrôlé et conditionné en France

Our superfoods are subject to rigorous quality control throughout their life cycle, from harvest to packaging, to ensure flawless traceability.

The last quality control is carried out in France from samples taken at our premises.

In our LabiOratoire® located in Charente, we then package our superfoods ourselves in small batches to guarantee optimum freshness and quality control.

They are stored in our premises with low thermal variation allowing the perfect conservation of their quality and their properties.


Logo élaboré en France

Products with this logo apply to all of our superfood preparations.