From different and complementary human encounters emerged a singular business activity.

Our 1st challenge was to create a virtuous food adventure for mankind and the environment in a sustainable business.

Since the beginning, we get the importance of fully managing our own supply chain: from sourcing, importation, storage and packing.

In December 2007, we decided to open an organic vegan restaurant where superfoods were at the centre of our seasonal and gluten free cuisine. Our restaurant/shop is located in rue des Vinaigriers in Paris.

Quickly, our restaurant became the reference when you talk about vegan & superfoods cuisine.

Our team progressively got bigger and we kept travelling, looking for farmers in order to establish long term partnerships to count on reliable and sustainable raw materials. We have been selecting the best superfoods representative of our brand quality.

In 2010, first established in Montreuil and Angoulême in 2018, we develop our own production site to be able to keep improving quality & traceability.

We handle every single step of the way to our customers from sourcing, importation to packing and logistics.
Through the years, Sol Semilla’s identity sketched up into what it is today. Nowadays, thanks to an efficient team our company is able to focus on its primary activity.

Among this team, we can found every single customer who by choosing our brand allow Sol Semilla to keep going on this beautiful journey.

All of our creative development projects are inspired by our friend Charles Bradier whom light will always be our side.

Welcome Home,

Sol Semilla’s team