Raw Chocolate sauce with yacon syrup

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Raw chocolate sauce with yacon syrup

Recipe by Marie Rousset Communication manager at Sol Semilla, Vegan Cheffe

Preparation :3 min.

For 1 cup


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      • 330 ml (about 3 tbsp) yacon syrup
      • 20 ml (about 2 tbsp) raw cocoa powder
      • 20 ml water (about 2 tbsp)
      • 1 pinch of salt
      • Option: for a smoother sauce, add 1-2 tbsp hazelnut or white almond puree


Simply mix the ingredients mentionned above energetically....

This is perfect on toasts, desserts such as yogurts, fruits...

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This superfood is a delicious syrup obtained by the yacon root also known as "honey yacon". Its taste reminds us of caramel or even maple syrup, it sweetens all our beverages, vegan desserts and pancakes! It contains...
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