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Which superfoods to reach higher physical performances?

Written by Andréa Marcelli, Sol Semilla's CEO

Sports lovers are often looking for methods and supplements to help them reach higher performances and build their physical body. Many of them tend to use low quality protein powder which aren’t the best for their health.

The truth is that with a proper diet and some superfoods, it is quite possible to get great result.

Since it started Sol Semilla’s mission is to make the use of superfoods fun and tasty. We are neither doctors nor professional coachs nevertheless, we select with care products for those who wants to turn to a better food diet.

This selection is also ideal for those who are already on an adapted diet and who desire to use superfoods for sport performances.

Focus on some superfoods


La microalgue Spiruline est nutritive, revigorante et utile pour contrer les carences alimentaires et nutritives.

This cyanobacteria offers high level of nutrients that help strenghen the body. Most of the protein it contains are biliproteins which have already started to be digested by the algae.

Adding to our meals 10 to 15 g of spirulina in powder or in sticks is most likely to sustain our protein needs and lower our animal proteins intake. It means you can eat less meat and still reach your daily protein intake.

Proteins are not only important for the muscle health but also to give strengh, regulate blood sugar levels, brain chemistry or even to sharpen strong bones.

Spirulina has antioxydant properties which helps athletes and sport lovers to lower muscle oxidation, often a cause of muscle tiredness.

How to use it?

You can add a teaspoon in an apple or pear juice, in an exctracted juice or even sprinkle it on top of your salads, soups…Try our ready to go blends : Protein & vit. C blend « Green boost », our supertopping hemp seeds & spirulina or our ginger & spirulina veggie broth !


This Peruvian adaoptogenic root contains a high level of iron which allows a better oxygen circulation in blood, calcium which is necessary for healthy muscles and animo acids that are fulfilling numerous body fonctions and are particulary useful for a energy production and muscles recovery.

Maca increases vitality, energy and endurance.

How to use it ?

You can add them to your breakfast, to smoothies, energyballs, cakes,cookies, or simply by trying our Muesli Maca or even in a hot cocoa and maca blend "Cacao Andino "

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